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Happy 2022 - Stay healthy and be well.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Greetings all, and happy 2022. Ovrfwrd respects the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on January 17th, and we are reaching out, hoping people are getting through these difficult times.

The pandemic has taken a toll on so many, in so many ways, and we look forward to a time in the future when things start becoming more "normal", whatever that will look like. Covid has wreaked havoc on so many families, businesses, artists, and venues, but something we have learned throughout this is that people are resilient. We will get through this together.

During the pandemic, Ovrfwrd has had limited performance opportunities outside the "virtual" arena, so we have largely been in writing mode since the recording and release of the album "StarStuff". We are excited to record our 5th studio album this year and are very happy with how the songwriting and rehearsals are coming along thus far. Having said that, we are planning on some early Spring shows around the midwest, and will be sure to let folks know where/when we will be going.

Please stay healthy, be well, and take care of each other.



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