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OVRFWRD releasing 2 new recordings!

-New studio album by OVRFWRD There Are No Ordinary Moments

-New live album: OVRFWRD – Live in Baltimore.

The 5th studio album by OVRFWRD There Are No Ordinary Moments is a 10-song journey through the sonic world that is OVRFWRD firing on all cylinders! Recorded August 10th – 15th 2023 at Flowers Studios in Minneapolis MN - Richard, Mark, Kyle and Chris captured moments that are certainly not ordinary. These 10 songs are the culmination of 2 years’ worth of writing, playing, living, and exploring musical moments. “We are all really proud of this recording” Says Mark Ilaug “Whenever we record, we try to go places we haven’t gone before musically. With all the time we took to create these songs, we tried to keep them fresh- I think we captured some amazing moments.”

The first single- Serpentine, was released early October 2023. Official album release date coming soon! OVRFWRD Live in Baltimore was recorded October 8th 2022 at Orion Studios in Baltimore. While on tour, OVRFWRD stopped at Orion Studios for an evening with OVRFWRD. This performance was captured off the soundboard and is the full live experience of OVRFWRD. Raw and energetic, the setlist draws from OVRFWRD’s full catalog, including Can We Keep the Elephant, Utopia Planitia, Wretch, StarStuff - even playing songs from the upcoming release There Are No Ordinary Moments. A well-rounded and dynamic set!

This live CD is a special release for specified Kickstarter supporters and will ship in November 2023.


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