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Ovrfwrd Newsletter + Store Update

Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone! We hope everyone is doing well and wanted to share a few things.

First, we have been told StarStuff vinyl MIGHT go out yet in Dec, but early January is more likely. We apologize for the delay, I'm sure the plant is doing what they can in these challenging times. Next, there is a 50% price reduction ($12.50) for "Fantasy Absent Reason" black vinyl through December. A great stocking stuffer if you happen to have a giant, square-shaped stocking! 50% sale - Fantasy Absent Reason - 180 gram Black Vinyl 12" Record Finally, we are excited to announce that our live in-studio Blu Ray "Occupations of Uninhabited Space" is now available as an HD (1080p) digital download. Occupations of Uninhabited Space(2018) - Video Digital Download (This live album was recorded at Pachyderm Studio, Cannon Falls, MN 8/5/17 – 8/6/17, and contains songs from the first two albums, as well a 3 previously unreleased songs that later appeared on the third studio album, “Blurring the Lines...(a democracy manifest)”. You will receive a link to download your files within 24 hours of purchase.)

Take care, and have a safe and wonderful holiday season! ~ Ovrfwrd

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