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Newsletter + StarStuff Vinyl Update

Greetings all, 

We sincerely hope you are doing well in these unpresented times, and we are very grateful for your friendship and support over the years. A special thanks to the ProgStock Virtual Series for inviting us to perform last month! Please check it out, it is a great way to enjoy great live performances and support music in these challenging times.  The new StarStuff album has been doing very well with great reviews and feedback, and we'd like to share a few here - ProgArchives - Autopoietican - Profilprog. We are also excited to see the new album promoted in new issue 113 of Prog Magazine!  A huge THANK YOU to those who submitted a pre-order for the StarStuff vinyl, and we would like to share a shipping update. With pressing complete in the first week of December, they will ship out as soon as we receive them. Thank you all for your patience. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming "Ovrfwrd Happy Hour" broadcasts, which will take place in our rehearsal studio. Tune in soon for great discussions and music!  Take care and be safe everyone!  Ovrfwrd


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